It’s Time to Make Beer!

Welcome! My name is Bill but for the sake of this site you can think of me as Beer Man. Over the winter I was bitten by the home beer brewing bug and for those of you that have suffered the same fate, you know there’s no cure in sight. When I started out I purchased a few different beer making kits and figured I would post my impressions of some of the better ones here. The all-in-one brewing kits are a good way to start out but as you get a few batches under your belt, you’ll most likely want to hand pick individual components to assemble your own little beer making factory.

My digicam is on the fritz so pictures will be lacking for now but hopefully my experience with the different kits available will help steer you in the right direction. When I pick up a new camera, I’ll definitely be posting some photos of the different kits I’ve tried and possibly even make some videos. I hope you beginning beer brewers find the site useful. Cheers!

Posted on May 9, 2009 in News