Cooper’s All-in-One Micro-Brewery Kit Review

Coopers All in One Brew Kit
Cooper’s Microbrew Kit Is Available at Amazon

Out of the several home beer making kits I’ve tried so far, the Cooper Microbrewery Kit is easily my favorite. It’s a quality product from a great company that makes it easy to brew your own beer at home. Everything was straight forward and I was happy with beer it brewed. Cooper refill kits are readily available and there’s a wide variety of ingredient packs to choose from so you always have something new to try. I was hoping to have some better photos of the kit for this post but I’m still without a camera. I’ll try to add some pictures soon so you can get a better look at all these components that are included in the box:

(1) Plastic 30 liter fermenter jug & lid with 0-ring
(1) Hydrometer for checking fermentation
(1) Sediment Reducer
(1) Plastic Spoon
(1) Bottling tube and bottling valve
(1) Tap
(1) Airlock
(1) Airlock grommet
(1) Thermometer
(30) 740ml PET plastic bottles and screw caps
(1) Instructional booklet
(1) Instructional DVD
(1) 1.7kg Coopers Lager Beer Kit Concentrate with yeast
(1) 1 kg Coopers Brewing Sugar
(1) Bag of Carbonation drops

This kit will brew approximately 6 gallons (or about 2.6 cases) of beer and the entire process takes about 3 weeks. Once you have everything out of the box and ready to go, you’re just three easy steps away from enjoying your homemade beer. The included instructions do a great job of guiding you through step by step but continue reading for a quick overview of what’s involved.


Posted on December 17, 2009 in Beer Brewing Kits

Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brew Kit Review

Mr Beer Kit
Available at Amazon (Eligible for free shipping)

I think everyone with even a passing interest in home beer brewing has heard of the Mr. Beer kit. You may have seen this product sitting on the shelf at some larger retailers or maybe you’ve seen the commercials. You might even know someone that received the package as a gift. I was fortunate enough to receive the Mr. Beer “Premium Gold Edition Home Brew Kit” (pictured above) as a present this past Christmas and that’s what got me started in home brewing. I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical at first and I didn’t really know what to expect. After my first batch I came to the conclusion that my Mr. Beer kit was one of the best gifts I’d received in a long time and I even ended up ordering several refill kits.

The Premium Gold Edition Home Brew Kit Includes:
(1) Mr. Beer Brew Keg
(1) Classic American Brew Pack (makes 2 gallons)
(1) Cowboy Lager Brew Pack (makes 2 gallons)
(8) 1 Liter Bottles with Caps (re-usable)
(1) Mr. Beer Brewing Booklet (instructions)

Continue below to view a short video and read the rest of this review.


Posted on May 11, 2009 in Beer Brewing Kits